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Case StudyFeb 8, 2019

Innovative Model Brings Up-Front Savings to Secret Recipe

In this case study, we take a look at an energy efficiency project with Secret Recipe – a prominent chain of bakery / restaurants in South East Asia – led by Best.Energy Global Partner ‘Arustrik Cekap’.



In a landmark moment for the global energy efficiency industry, Best.Energy partner Arustrik is delivering an energy saving project across 100 sites that is not just shared savings, but pre-paid savings.

Using our technology stack it's the first instance of this innovative financial model seen anywhere outside of the USA, marking a huge sea-change in a way energy efficiency could be delivered to South East Asia and beyond, and before the full project even was approved, Arustrik delivered over 15% savings in a Proof of Value.

Secret Recipe's energy issues were typical of a food & beverage sector, where waste was particularly acute in areas such as Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Lighting. Already in use with prominent multi-site retailers like 7-Eleven, KFC and McDonald's, the energy montioring system 'Eniscope' was chosen for this project and was delivered alongside a combination of our dependable technologies, and the result?

Over 1 million kWh energy is predicted to be saved, per annum, over a six year period, forecasted to brings savings of $750,000+!

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