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Eniscope & 7-Eleven in Denmark | Case Study

case study
Case StudyFeb 8, 2020

7-Eleven roll out Eniscope across all 120 stores in Denmark


Best.Energy’s flagship partner in Denmark – IQ Energy Nordic – have forged a remarkable relationship with a huge player in the local convenience store market. Working closely with 7-Eleven and their Denmark license holder Reitan Group, they have orchestrated a 120-store roll-out of Eniscope – the world’s most complete energy monitoring system.

So, why did 7-Eleven seek an energy management solution?

The three main areas that pushed Reitan to seek a solution, was firstly the need to fulfil their statutory requirements, requiring accurate energy montioring systems to isolate certain energy types.

Secondly, an increased requirement for Corportate Social Responsibility and work towards Net Zero targets, and finally, to save money

The Result?

A huge saving of 2,700,000 kWh and over 864 tonnes of carbon dioxide. 12.9% saved on energy and cost savings and a massive 63% return on investment within 19 months!

All achieved with what we call 'low cost or no cost' solutions.

The Head of Estate Management at Reitan Convenince says:

_"I've never seen a system like that... the platform is very intuitive. I would recommend the Eniscope system to other companies."_

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