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Light, quick to install, feature-rich - the Air suite delivers visibility and control for your estate.

eniscope 8 hybrid

Eniscope 8 Hybrid

Developed over ten years and in action with the likes of IBM, 7-Eleven, KFC and many more the world over. Real-time energy monitoring down to a minute-by-minute level.

Eniscope Air Switch

Asset-level energy monitoring for single-phase assets of all types. Minute-by-minute data flow, as well as Cloud-based control and scheduling. 

Air Switch
Air Sense

Air Sense

Four sensors in one, with the capacity for more. Temperature, humidity, occupancy and light all tracked in real time by a single Air Sense device. 

Air Digital

Cloud-control for three-phase assets of all types, allowing on / off switching based on schedules or logic controls.

Air Digital
Air Ambient

Air Ambient

Specialist energy saving solution for HVAC units, incorporating accurate temperature band control and on / off control functionality.

Cloud Control

The software and the service ties it all together. 24 / 7 Command Centre support, wherever you are. Scheduling, logic controls (if this, then that), remote functionality.

control room
Air Suite 3

The answer is Air

Explore how the Air suite could transform your building into a smart, efficient environment to work in - at no cost. Energy efficiency can power your transition to a smart building - find out how.

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