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Case StudyNov 27, 2018

Peru - EnergyCloud

Best.Energy’s leading partner in Latin America – EnergyCloud – has brought remarkable results to one of Peru’s top banks. With 27,000 employees, 350 branches and assets valued at $140 billion this is a substantial project, with the potential of stretching to over 8.5 million data points.

Projected savings for all Bank sites sit at over $5m for the project over its ten year period, with more solutions still yet to be factored in. Already substantial, the potential of this project is massive – and Eniscope sits at its heart.

Why were Banco de Crédito del Peru interested?

Previously, Banco de Crédito del Peru measured their energy use through their monthly energy bills. That restricted their view to just 12 instances per year, with no granular breakdown on which to base decisions.

They needed full visibility, to identify where they could save, and that’s exactly what EnergyCloud were able to deliver with the Eniscope system. Projected savings sit at over $5m for the project over its ten year period.

The Project

The first place EnergyCloud looked for savings was the air conditioning units; stemming both from operational problems with the system and in-built energy inefficiencies. Beginning with just 4 of the client’s 350 locations, EnergyCloud were able to bring $932.41 savings within just 10 weeks. The new Eniscope installations identified that the air con was active 24/7 for 52 days in a row, including 6,849 kWh of out-of-hours consumption.

Building on this initial success, EnergyCloud began work on a larger section of the Bank of Peru portfolio – this time 30 locations. In their Bolivar location, for example, savings of up to 38.2% were achieved in the following months, focusing primarily on a combination of air conditioning unit operation and behaviour modifications. Now, 300 locations are within the scope of the project, amounting to an average monthly expenditure of energy at $429,925

What’s the secret?

So how have EnergyCloud been able to roll out and manage a project of this scope?

The key is Eniscope. Providing minute resolution data, in real-time, means EnergyCloud’s team have been able to consistently identify opportunities for ‘low-cost’ energy reduction strategies, by analysing use trends and events. Without that pinpoint data, this project simply wouldn’t be possible.