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Meny & Spar Supermarkets | Energy Management, Scandinavia

case study
Case StudyAug 9, 2018

Supermarket Brands Rely on Eniscope for Proactive Energy Management


Best.Energy's Scandinavian partner, IQ Energy Nordic, have been working hand-in-hand with KFI who offer grants to help merchants optimize the operation of their stores and their position in the energy market.

So far, KFI have helped more than 100 MENY and SPAR supermarkets with the power of energy management - stretching over 60 million kWh a year and bills of typically $50,000 to $150,000pa for each supermarket!

So what were KFI looking to deliver to their supermarkets?

There were four key areas important to KFI, these being the overview and control of energy across their estate, monthly and quarterly reporting and benchmarketing, verification of new technologies and regular CSR reporting to meet government requirements.

What have the results of the project been?

Armed with granular, real-time energy consumption data from the Eniscope devices installed at each supermarket - over 250 in total and 1,200 circuits monitored - the IQ Energy Nordic team were able to immediately identify energy wastage and work closely with KFI to eradicate it.

The immediate results from installation saw over 15% savings in more than 40 of these systems, where overall KFI shop owners are now benefiting from around 3 million + of kWh energy saved per annum, saving 600+ tons of CO2 every year!