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Hillsborough County Public Schools | Energy Management, USA

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Case StudyAug 9, 2018

USA School District Saves $8 million+ on Energy Costs

Best.Energy are proud to be part of a huge and rapidly evolving case study. The $500m project value is obviously striking, but perhaps even more impressive is the model being offered to the client - a US schools district - to make it happen.


Best.Energy Global Partners Transcript

Hillsborough County Schools District is one of the largest of its kind in the USA. Square footage wise, the size of Rhode Island. So their energy bill is correspondingly massive. Without a budget to invest in energy-saving solutions, how could they hope to reduce these costs?

Working with Best.Energy's leading technology 'Eniscope', the project involves several phases of LED lighting installations, providing substantial energy bill gains - as well as much improved quality of light for the students inside

This model offered a number of attractive features to the client, where they infact have no capital expenditure, at all!

And what's more, they don't have to handle maintenance for new technologies and were actually paid an up-front portion of the projected energy savings at each stage by the funder.

The Benefits?

With 1,000 Eniscopes installed, Hillsborough Schools District stand to save around $8 million per year on their electricity bill money and have achieve a staggering 15-20% energy savings so far!

Watch this video to get a feel for the project and how those savings have been made, verified and sustained with Eniscope.

Click the video to find out the details!

Troy Wrigley CEO @ Best.Energy