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Lima Airport Case Study | Energy Saving

case study
Case StudyFeb 8, 2020

Transforming Energy Performance at an International Airport in Peru

In this case study, we take a look at how our partner has taken lead on energy savings at Peru's largest airport, seeking solutions to three key issues the client was experiencing



Focusing on the chiller systems, a staggering 22% energy savings were achieved immediately after the installation of our Eniscope solution, and subsequently another 1,417 circuits have been installed across the airport. This has given the energy management team minute-by-minute data at their finger tips, where they can continually identify energy saving opportunities across the huge facility.

That same granular energy data has also been harnessed to provide a smart maintenance system, allowing the airport's FM company to keep critical systems running, provide accurate tenant billing, greatly reducing administration costs, disputes and errors.

This 120 month contract is committed to advancing behaviour modification strategies such as remote temperature controls to minimise energy wasted on heating, and installing Eluma, an intelligent LED lighting product which will make a massive difference.

What has been achieve thus far?

Over this 10 year contract there have been $0 up-front costs, 22% energy savings which is set to rise and an infinite return on investment. The Eniscope as a platform has offered flexibility, scalability and has transformed the way the airport operates for good!