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case study
Case StudyMay 3, 2020

Eniscope Drives Huge Industrial Energy Savings


A meat processing plant in Honduras is experiencing the full force of the Eniscope energy monitoring system and its capacity to drive huge operational and behavioural change.

The project has been executed by Lumen Energy Solutions, a global Best.Energy partner. Despite only having worked with the new Eniscope technology for less than six months by the time this project started, they have been able to fully harness its awesome potential.

The secret lies in a powerful energy management philosophy, based around engaging with the client at every level.

What was the problem?

Industrial process plants of all types tend to be very inefficient when it comes to energy use, in a large part because processes tend to be managed and incentivised in terms of production speed and efficiency – not energy.

In this case, one of the biggest areas of inefficiency was the refrigeration units. Crucial to a meat processing plant, the system of loading and unloading from these was hugely energy inefficient – with the doors open up to 5 hours every day!

After identifying the source of the energy waste through our real-time energy monitoring – Eniscope, the team at Lumen were able to deliver direct and immediate energy savings resulting in a stagger return on investment of just 2/3 months!

The end results?

This project resulted in monthly cost savings of $7000, an annual cost savings of $84,000, energy savings up to 36% and all with a quick ROI!

As Jinsu Chang says, the CEO at Lumen Energy Solutions, “This project really shows the power of change management when you’ve got the data Eniscope supplies. But, of course the project doesn’t end here! We have only scratched the surface of this facility, and there is a scope for a number of additional retrofit solutions to improve our results.”