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Texaco Gas Station | Energy Monitoring, Honduras

case study
Case StudyMar 17, 2022

Texaco Gas Stations Save Over 15% on Energy Bills With No Up-front Costs

Our Global Best.Energy partner, Lumen Energy Solutions, took on their first store in a chain of five to provide a definiative proof of concept for their client, looking towards how to tackle extensive refrigeration requirements, high footfall and an unavoidable need for long hours of airconditioning.


Gas stations, like Texaco, with a convenience store attached are some of the most energy intensive commercial uses in the world - second only to fast food restaurants.

Lumen Energy Solutions collated data before and after installation and were able to use Best.Energy technology to execute 33% savings by ensuring the proper cycling of the compressor.

On just this one unit, that equates to $1,565 energy cost savings per year!

The Overall Benefits?

  • On average, a 15% savings was consistently achieved
  • $116,00USD savings across a five year contract
  • 40.23% savings on just one air conditioning unit
  • Pay-As-You-Save model with no up-front costs
  • Total energy visability across the site down to asset level

As a result, the client is rolling out the solutions across another four sites - and considering the same for an estate for 10 supermarkets also under their ownership!

Eduardo Bueso, Operations Manager at Texaco Service Station commented on his experience with Lumen Energy Solutions and working with our technology:

This project has given us the ability to understand and control our energy consumption in a completely different way, providing us with a transparent view of the operation where we can make investment decisions that are in line with real results. In just two months, we achieved significant savings; it has been a very enriching experience with operational and economic benefits for our group."