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Reconnecting, learning, and celebrating: Best.Energy reignites partner events

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partnersMar 13, 2024

Although the COVID-19 pandemic brought our international in-person events to a temporary halt, we’re now back, and our global partner events are bigger and better than ever!

The appetite for face-to-face events is growing. So, to kick off our return to in-person events, we brought an intensive two-day ‘MasterMind’ session and a ‘Discovery Seminar’ to Kenya. Marking a pivotal moment for our global community, we’re thrilled to once again be meeting the partners and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about the exciting world of energy efficiency and the incredible business potential in this ever-growing sector.

MasterMind Kenya - A milestone event for Best.Energy Partners

Bringing together our top-performing global partners at the Best.Energy Kenya headquarters in Nairobi between 29 February to 2 March, the MasterMind sessions delved into the secrets of success, taking partners on a transformative journey to unlock their full potential.

Led by senior members of the Best.Energy team, and selected members of the Global Partner Network, the MasterMind workshops covered invaluable technical, commercial, and industry-specific topics. From ground-breaking research and development insights to real-world case studies, our partners immersed themselves in a wealth of knowledge designed to boost their professional growth.

MasterMind Kenya event attendees

A packed itinerary

Kicking off day one with a tour of the Best.Energy Kenya headquarters, the first day’s workshops focused on the commercial and technical areas that form the foundations of our work, igniting inspiration and aspiration among attendees. We covered:

  • the commercial secrets from our UK Direct and Best.Energy Kenya operations
  • the latest lead generation strategies to unlock 60+ appointments a month
  • the secrets to closing $1.1m of orders in a single quarter
  • A deep-dive into energy saving for the hotel sector, with lessons learned at the likes of Accor and Marriott hotels
  • How our fantastic operation in South Africa is succeeding, despite rolling blackouts!
  • How our Partners in India are going beyond energy savings to deliver terrific value adds

Kenya MasterMind Session - Day 1

On day two, our partners gained first-hand insights into large-scale deployments and sustainable business practices. We explored:

  • our research and development roadmap
  • The highs and lows of delivering for McDonald’s in Poland
  • the partnership journey with a major QSR brand in the UK, giving a breakdown of the project to install the full IoT suite in over 60 restaurants
  • how partners can prepare for a rollout in their region, including the prerequisites for selection; on-site implementation; VEM (virtual energy management) processes; strategies and AI tools; and commercial structuring, profit, pricing, and contracts.

Kenya MasterMind Session - Day 2

Our global partners absorbed a wealth of valuable information, making the MasterMind event a career-defining experience for many of them. Faraaz Charania, CEO Best.Energy Kenya, commented:

“Attending a MasterMind event like this offers a wealth of benefits, including exposure to new ideas, insights, and innovative solutions through collaborative brainstorming.

Mastermind encourages growth, expanding networks with the most experienced Best.Energy partners, and offering support in solving business challenges. It builds a strong sense of community, which enables partners to think big and go beyond their comfort zones. These events are so pivotal for partners looking to elevate their business performance.”

After the intensive workshops, we celebrated the success of our partner community with a banquet dinner at the 5 Sankara hotel (also installed with Eniscope*!), followed by the coveted Best.Energy Partner Network Awards 2024. Acknowledging that visiting Nairobi isn’t feasible for everyone, it was a hybrid event that was live-streamed to our global network.

Finally, to thank our partners for their hard work in 2023, we experienced the very best that Nairobi National Park has to offer through a safari - spotting rhinos, hippos, crocodiles, lion cubs and more along the way. What an incredible experience reconnecting, learning, and celebrating with our partners!

Kenya safari and Global Partner Awards photos

Discovery Seminar - Empowering entrepreneurs around the world

Hot on the heels of the fantastic MasterMind event, we held a Discovery Seminar in the Movenpick Hotel Nairobi on 4 March, welcoming entrepreneurs who are eager to explore a partnership with Best.Energy.

We’ve delivered these seminars virtually for the past few years, so meeting entrepreneurs face-to-face again was a welcome change. But for those unable to join us in Nairobi, we live-streamed the seminar. So, wherever you are in the world, you can experience everything Best.Energy has to offer and gain a real insight into what it’s like to be a Global Partner.

During the Discovery Seminar, we answered your questions and gave you an insight into how we do business and what life as a Best.Energy partner is like. We unravelled:

  • the intricacies of our business model and partnership dynamics
  • revenue and market potential
  • our innovative suite of products
  • partner success case studies, including Faraaz Charania, CEO of Best.Energy Kenya, and representatives from the Movenpick hotel, which is now saving 15%+ on their energy bills with our Eniscope technologies.

Kenya Discovery Seminar

Sparking a new era of collaboration, innovation and success

These events were a pivotal moment for Best.Energy partners worldwide. They reconnected our partners and fostered growth in a new era of collaboration, innovation, and shared success. Reflecting on these extraordinary events, we reaffirm our commitment to shaping a sustainable future, one partnership at a time.

We’re dedicated to empowering partners and driving positive change in the energy sector. With this in mind, we’re now looking forward to planning the next face-to-face event for our community of global partners and we hope to see you there. Watch this space!

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