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Best.Energy Partner Joins Forces with KEREA to Promote Sustainable Energy Practices in Nairobi, Kenya

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partnersNov 2, 2023

Best.Energy Kenya has recently solidified a strategic collaboration in sustainability, becoming a Bronze Member of the Kenya Renewable Energy Association (KEREA) in Nairobi, Kenya.

Over the last year, high-flying partner Best.Energy Kenya has seen business boom, with opportunities flooding in from all directions, particularly from the ever-growing hospitality sector. Having almost tripled their workforce, CEO Faraaz Charania and the team are making significant steps in anchoring their commitment to driving meaningful change through utilising Best.Energy’s sustainable energy solution, the Eniscope.

KEREA, an independent non-profit association dedicated to promoting renewable energy businesses in Kenya, champions the development of clean and renewable energy sources. The partnership between the two entities is built on the belief that cooperation and innovation are the cornerstones of progress in the energy industry and their shared vision for a greener future holds great opportunity.

The benefits of this collaboration are manifold. As a Bronze Member of KEREA, Best.Energy Kenya gains valuable insights and access to critical industry resources and positions them to better serve their clients with the latest advancements in energy management.

In turn, KEREA benefits from Best.Energy Kenya’s expertise in providing comprehensive energy data, market trends, real-time monitoring, and tailored conservation strategies. This synergistic partnership ensures that both organisations achieve a more sustainable and energy-efficient future for Kenya.

The fruits of Best.Energy Kenya’s labour forged via their expertise in Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS) and the dedication of their team is a real testament to their ongoing journey in sustainability and delivering cutting-edge solutions to enhance energy efficiency.

Watch this space for more news on Best.Energy Kenya’s success story.