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UK Manufacturer, Tex Plastics, saves 26.7% on energy costs championing the Eniscope solution

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bestenergyAug 2, 2023

Tex Plastics: An energy-saving case study

Injection moulding company, Tex Plastics, bears witness to the full potential of Best.Energy’s intuitive energy saving solution, helping them save a whopping 26.7% in energy costs throughout their highly energy-intensive manufacturing facility in North Devon, UK.

Right now, the UK manufacturing sector is being run into the ground by the weight of extortionate energy costs, with nearly half of manufacturers reporting their electricity bills have doubled, if not tripled, over the course of the last two years. Tex Plastics are one of thousands that fell victim to these unsustainable pressures, and with the cost per kWh increasing from 21p to 97p (!) at the end of 2022, they were left with an eye-watering energy bill each month that had quadrupled in price.

Measuring and managing the consumption of their key assets was a major priority for them, having formerly used a manual method that rendered no real-time or continuous data for analysis - just a snapshot in time. With energy prices getting higher and their pockets shallower, Tex Plastics teamed up with Best.Energy to tackle these obstacles head on.

The power of Eniscope

Unlike many competitive products, Best.Energy’s *Eniscope products *offer both hardware and software in one solution. That provides the foundations for an AI integrated, cloud-based platform that enables the management of data in real-time from dozens of sites in a single location, with a track record of success with industry giants like IBM, Telefonica, EnerMech, TPSM and SDI Displays - amongst many other big manufacturing operators.

Three of these solutions were seamlessly installed in one of Tex Plastics’ sites and within just a few short weeks, our virtual energy management team identified substantial energy waste areas within the air conditioning and ventilation systems, and pinpointed power hungry cooling and heating machinery that were needlessly burning through energy and their start up functions.

Fantastic results for Tex Plastics

With a few small process changes, such as altering start-up procedures for machines left idling, setting alarms for predictive maintenance and scheduling equipment to switch-off over weekends, Tex Plastics were stunned with how powerful the results were - saving many thousands of pounds.

“The Best.Energy Eniscope system enabled us to not only measure the actual machine consumption in real time, but critically the associated individual ancillary equipment used in the process such as heaters, ovens, compressors, etc. Over a period of just a few months we were able to predict maintenance issues on some of our more energy intensive assets with spikes in energy consumption highlighting equipment in need of refurb/replacement, ultimately enabling our whole planning system to take into account our energy profile as well as ensuring On Time Delivery to our customers.

If you are a business that is serious about reducing energy consumption to cut costs, I would certainly recommend a conversation with Best.Energy to fully understand what they may be able to save your business” - Justin Davies, MD at Tex Plastics

The results so far achieved for Tex have been fantastic, but high energy prices are no longer an issue for energy-intensive industries only. The impact is being felt by manufacturers of all sizes in all sectors, and this isn’t just specific to the UK, it’s worldwide. Much like Tex Plastics, each and every business is on the hunt for a remedy that can not only make a dent in their energy bills, but allow them to measure, control and manage their consumption for long-term success. We have that solution.

Get in touch via our contact form if you’d like to see how this solution could be applied for your business. We offer an entirely free initial waste report that will pre-gauge the potential impact and give you a valuable set of recommendations for dealing with waste on site.