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What is energy efficiency? It’s time to get switched on!

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bestenergyApr 8, 2024

We asked our global partners what energy efficiency means to them, and here’s what they told us:

“Energy efficiency is one of the smartest ways to improve your company’s performance, by not only reducing your energy bill but also by improving the way you understand and operate your business. During this journey, you also help the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. It is a great win-win situation.” - Juan Manuel Uría, RecuSost, Bolivia

Juan Manuel Uria

“For me, energy efficiency is a long-term, sustainable commitment towards net zero; and the by-product happens to be a bottom-line impact on your profitability through both short and long-term cost savings. It’s not just about switching to energy-efficient equipment or renewables. It’s your ability to function as an intelligent business powered by data, enabling continuous improvement of inefficient equipment, processes, and wasteful behaviours.” - Dipendra Hamal, Dishaira Energy, Australia

“To me, energy efficiency is about achieving the highest level of performance with the least amount of energy consumption. I define it as the strategic integration of technology and sustainable practices to reduce the environmental footprint and enhance operational efficiency for businesses and communities alike.” - Amer Khatib, Lean Energy, UAE

Amer Khatib

“Energy efficiency is the optimal use of energy that aims to maximise resources. In simple words: Doing more with less.” - Patricio Laposse, Z Net Energy Solutions, Mexico

So, what is energy efficiency and how can you be more energy efficient?

We love all these definitions, but one thing is clear. Energy efficiency is not just a buzzword. It’s a concept that we need to take seriously to combat climate change!

Energy efficiency is about cutting our energy consumption every day. And it’s simple. It’s something we can all do to have an immediate positive impact on our carbon footprint. There are numerous ways that businesses can support the collective fight against climate change. However, without knowing how much energy we’re using, where we’re using it, and when we’re using it, we can’t make changes to become more energy efficient.

So, the first step towards energy efficiency has to be energy monitoring. We need to begin by making our energy usage visible with our Eniscope products - our not-so-secret weapon to achieving energy efficiency success.

Harnessing the power of energy monitoring

Eniscope Air product suite

Eniscope (energy under the microscope) is a complete energy monitoring system that makes the invisible, visible. It can monitor energy usage at asset level, tracking exactly which appliances, lights, and sockets are the biggest drains on your energy resources.

As an IoT hub, Eniscope delivers impact from day one, allowing us to monitor, analyse, and identify patterns in energy consumption. This means that we can target the right appliances at the right time, to achieve greater energy efficiency.

Robert Easson, of Easson Energy in Thailand, explained:

“With a myriad of solutions in the energy efficiency management space, the Eniscope and its analytics suite stands head and shoulders above its competitors. Dare I say, Eniscope doesn’t really have a near-peer competitor. When it comes to monitoring, management, and big data, the Eniscope and its analytics suite are second to none. It runs rings around the big-name brands who do much less for much more investment. Energy efficiency monitoring and management is first-and-foremost about high-quality, clean, big data, and there is none better for the job than Eniscope!”

Robert Easson

Best.Energy UK and our global partners like Robert harness the power of Eniscope every day to save clients energy and money, with some incredible success stories from around the world. So, it’s time to put a spotlight on energy efficiency with some success stories from the Best.Energy network! Here are a few of our favourites…

Saving money for the Bank of Peru


Latin American partner, EnergyCloud, brought remarkable results to the Bank of Peru, finding savings of up to 38% in some branches, and projected savings of over $5 million! Focusing on a combination of air conditioning unit operation and behaviour change, Eniscope analysed data trends while our bespoke public displays engaged staff from across the branches, helping to educate them and change their behaviour.

Energy detectives at Country Confectionary

Eniscope discovered an unusual cause for the high energy costs of Cornish chocolate and fudge maker, County Confectionery. Within 4 weeks, our minute-by-minute energy monitoring tracked down the culprit - the utility company was supplying low-voltage electricity (beneath minimum regulations), causing equipment failures and unnecessary charges for fixing non-existent problems. It also highlighted an unusually high baseload from an electrical heating system used during manufacturing. Between these two identified issues, the company has seen savings of £40,000.

Changing behaviours in a Nigerian hotel


Nigerian Best.Energy partner, Wickliffe, found that a hotel client was wasting energy in several areas, from incorrect thermostat settings to leaving lights and air conditioning on when rooms are vacant. But thanks to energy monitoring, they were able to implement low/no-cost energy reduction recommendations such as behaviour change and educating staff on energy efficiency. As a result, the hotel achieved a 29% reduction in energy consumption and $1682 monthly savings, with a projected return on investment of under 8 months!

Diagnosing Bethune University’s 5-year-old problem

Bethune University in Florida saved a huge 30% per month within four weeks of installing the Eniscope system, which revealed a problem with their water-chilling equipment that went undiagnosed for five years. Eniscope identified that the equipment was performing an automatic system shutdown at night, resulting in a full system start-up a few hours later and a surge in energy usage. By making this pattern visible, the campus engineers could change the settings to reduce energy usage.

Why are we hearing about energy efficiency now?

Energy Efficiency - tree inside a lightbulb

Although it has been around for years, there’s no time like the present to put energy efficiency centre stage. Energy prices are rising, climate change is becoming more noticeable, geopolitical instabilities have emerged, and EU targets are pushing for net zero and green energy in all industries.

When all these factors are combined, it has become more important than ever to make positive changes in the energy field, and now’s the time to do it.

So, energy efficiency isn’t just a buzzword. It’s here to stay, making us more resilient to climate change and paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future for us all. And it all starts with energy monitoring as part of your broader sustainability strategy.

Explore our suite of Eniscope products - the launchpad for your energy efficiency journey - and keep an eye on future blogs for top tips on energy efficiency in your sector.