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Leading Best.Energy Partner sells business to property giant ‘DEAS Group'

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partnersJun 30, 2023

IQ Energy Nordic sells up to DEAS Group

Award-winning Best.Energy Partner IQ Energy Nordic have recently sold their business as a going concern to DEAS Group - a large property management group headquartered in Denmark!

Selling-up for a substantial figure, Co-Founders of IQ Energy Nordic, Frank Schyberg and Jesper Kjærulff have devoted a huge amount of effort and passion into building their energy consultancy business over the course of more than a decade; championing Best.Energy’s intuitive hybrid hardware and software solution - Eniscope.

Now in use in more than 70+ Countries, the Eniscope’s real-time asset-level capabilities have given them the tools to deliver consistently substantial energy savings and ‘Virtual Energy Management’ to industry giants - including 7-Eleven, the Danish Police, SPAR and MENY Supermarkets.

The future

Facilitating the company’s technological evolution in the Nordic energy space, IQ Energy now plays a fundamental role in DEAS’s sustainability services and the advisory offering, supporting future requirements in energy consumption reporting, optimisation and transparency.

IQ Energy Nordic logo and DEAS Group logo

Passing the torch on to DEAS group has been a worthwhile business endeavour for both parties. IQ Energy Nordic stands to enhance their credibility and regional presence off the back of DEAS’s prominent position within the sustainable real estate space, in exchange for the rights to Eniscope that will strengthen DEAS’s focus on green initiatives and the imperative to maintain sustainable development efforts.

“We could not be prouder of the team at IQ Energy Nordic. One of our longest standing partners and a multi-award winning business, the future in Scandinavia for energy management looks incredibly bright. With their skills, combined with the resources DEAS can bring to the table, the possibilities are limitless.” - Simon Jennings, CMO @Best.Energy

Everyone at Best.Energy would like to offer their wholehearted congratulations to Jesper, Frank and the whole IQ Energy Nordic team. This is a big step in their journey to becoming the number 1 energy efficiency services provider in the Scandinavian region and it is richly deserved.

We look forward to seeing what the reach and resources of a company like DEAS can bring, to help the region ‘switch on to efficiency’!