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The Centralised Lead Generation (CLG) service is available to Best.Energy Partners active in the USA and Canada. You can take part by registering your interest on this form:

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What is included in the service?

The marketing team here at Best.Energy UK will be running highly targeted email campaigns - looking to secure meetings with decision makers for our partner network. We'll handle:

  • Targeted data research
  • Multi-string email campaigns
  • Initial lead response

In the future, subject to the success of the program, we'll reinvest funds to run advertising campaigns as well - providing a significant boost to the numbers we can generate.

There's no cost to you for taking part. We do all of the above via our own investment of time and resource - you only pay when we generate you a lead.

How will I be charged?

You will accrue charges at a rate of $295 USD per lead we send through to you. These will be recorded in our systems and an invoice issued at the end of every month, payable within 7 days of receipt. You can pay by card if preferred at https://best.energy/payment

If you fail to pay your invoice within the 7 day period - or produce a valid proof of payment at a minimum - the service will be paused in your area until the sum owed is settled.

Will this be profitable for me?

Do you already have enough leads? If so, paying for additional leads may not make sense. If not, and you have capacity for more leads, then how much you make from the leads generated on your behalf depends on your closing rate.

If you attain a closing rate of, say, 25% - then one in every four leads we generate will become a client. That's $1,180 per client. Depending on the size of the client and the project, this is likely to be a small fraction of the contract value. Even with a small project, remember the huge additional value of the experience it gives your team, and the testimonial you procure from the happy client - which will help you unlock more business in the same market.

What happens if I don't want a lead that you send me?

By registering your interest in the service you confirm that you are aware we are targeting the Food and Beverage sector. Any lead provided will be in that sector and in your contractually defined territory. As such, there should be no surprises. Some leads will be large, some small - it's the expectation that you will treat them accordingly, scaling up and down the solution that you sell to them.

With that said, if you contact us within 24 hours from receipt of the lead to say that you don't want it, and copy us into an email to the client confirming that you won't be able to assist in this instance, we will remove the charge from your monthly invoice.

Repeated refusals in this way may result in removal from the CLG scheme.

Can I put a cap on how many leads I receive in a month?

Yes, you can allocate a maximum spend. When your cap is reached, we will pause activities in your region until a new month begins.

You must notify us in writing (email is fine) of your maximum spend at least two working days before the month commences.

Is there a minimum guarantee on leads you send me?

No, there is no guarantee on the number of leads provided - but with no ongoing costs to the service, there is also no risk to a zero lead month.

What happens if the lead falls through?

There are no guarantees in lead generation with this service, as with your own efforts. You will only close a percentage of all the leads you work on. We can confirm that every lead sent through to you will have expressed an interest in a meeting, it's up to you to secure a time and date for that meeting and follow through on that interest.

Will I only receive leads in my contracted area?

Most likely, yes. But if a lead is generated that falls outside of your area, we may send it to you on an optional basis. You can review the lead and choose whether to pursue it or not. If you would like it, we'll add the charge. If you send it back, we won't.

Any further questions? Contact simon.jennings@best.energy

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