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Seven Valuable Benefits,
One Integrated System

We can show you how to save money that will help your bottom line.

We harness the power of energy consumption using our cutting edge technology, the Eniscope system. This uses our very own British-engineered hardware and software and provides you with vital visibility at a minute by minute resolution, which our own team of energy engineers can turn into valuable insights for you. This shows you were your wasting your energy and how to save valuable money for your business.

Eniscope 8 Hybrid

Developed over ten years and in action with the likes of IBM, 7-Eleven, KFC and many more the world over. Real-time energy monitoring down to a minute-by-minute level.

  • 8 x 3-Phase Channels
    Monitored per Eniscope
  • Robust & Easy to Install
  • Better Than 1% Voltage Accuracy

Eniscope Analytics

Available in the Cloud on any device, anywhere - Eniscope Analytics gives you full visibility of where your energy is consumed and wasted. View consumption at the building level, all the way down to individual assets.

  • Beautiful analytics dashboards
  • Intelligent, automated alarms
  • Mobile App
  • Public display functionality

Virtual Energy
Management (VEM)

Over a decade of expertise managing hundreds of sites in almost 60 countries around the world makes our VEM service the best in the business. They work hard to interpret your energy data and turn it into valuable, actionable energy saving opportunities.

  • Weekly reporting
  • Regular waste identification
  • Deep-dive analysis

Our Impact

Check out how our Eniscope helps businesses with their energy savings

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Annual energy savings driven by real-time Eniscope energy monitoring. 

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To book a free energy waste assessment or a demo of our cutting edge technology fill out our form.

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